zaterdag 11 juli 2015

Tasting Balblair 2003

With Van Halen's Ain't Talking 'Bout Love screaming out of our speakers we are carefully unpacking a blue box of Balblair 2003. 
Balblair lies in the northern Highlands of Scotland, not far from Glenmorangie.
It was founded in 1790 and is still in production today.
They seem to be working under the radar, but lately more and more people  have discovered the almost crafty whisky that is coming from this distillery. Balblair even featured in the much acclaimed 2012 film "The Angels' Share".

Unlike other distilleries Balblair insists on printing the vintage year on the label, as well as the bottling year. This alone is a good reason to buy Balblair, since more and more whisky producers are marketing NAS whiskies. NAh...
Other than that the distinctive bottle with the big stopper and nice box do help a lot as well to the overall liking.
But in the end it's the nose and taste that counts, doesn't it?
So we tried the 2003 vintage, bottled in 2014 which means it is 10 or 11 years old. Alcohol is at 46%, it is natural colour and non chill-filtered (more cheers from the people in the back). It is the 1st release.

Our experience:

Color: White wine
Nose: coconut, banana bread, citrus lemonade, vanilla, papaya, peach
Taste: hint of oak that emerges from the sweetness, vanilla icecream,  someone just sparked a firestone? Grassy, breakfast cereal, honey
Finish: peppery, slightly bitter and dry; salty aftertaste

This is a a perfect pre dinner dram, with lots of southern fruits mixing with the more "standard" American oak flavours, like vanilla and coco. An honest, well made whisky. We can only urge you to buy one, then study the bottle and admire the box, while sipping from your glass.

  • Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 -Ingvar Ronde

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