zondag 7 december 2014

Tasting Aultmore 12 yo new edition

With Jeff Wayne's Forever Autumn breezing through the speakers, we are inspecting the recently purchased bottle of Aultmore 12 YO.

It looks like an old drugstore bottle with glass embossing letters. We are already thinking of good re-use for this bottle instead of throwing it away in the recycle bin. The bottle has a nice branded cap and every bottle is individually numbered.

The Aultmore is released by John Dewar & Sons in a series called Last Great Malts of Scotland. Next to Aultmore a 13 YO Craigellachie and 12 YO Aberfeldy are brought to market. Royal Brackla and Deveron will follow.
Aultmore was released as an official 12 yo single malt bottling by the (previous) owners before, but the current owners are planning some more expressions next to the new 12 YO.
Allthough most product of Aultmore is tankered away to Glasgow to matures and used in blends, the new packaging show John Dewar are really serious about marketing this malt. Understandable, since Aultmore is considered a Top Class malt by blenders.
This Aultmore is bottled at 46%, has natural colour and no chill-filtering. Hurray from all us whisky-geeks!
Off to savouring a wee dram. This is what we found:
Colour: yellow gold
Nose: pineapple, vanilla, cheesed butter, citrus, sweet
Taste: grassy as promised, barley notes, sugar, spicy, zesty, some marzipan and then vermouth comes to mind
Finish: again sweet, medium long, dry

Conclusion: Very happy with this effort of John Dewar's. Great to see another natural coloured whisky on the shelves. A real spicy Speysider this one. Together with the nice packaging and the decent price (we paid 41 euros) we'd quote our friend Paul: "Cannie go wrong with dat!".

Whiskypedia -Charles Maclean
Malt Whisky Yearbook - Ingvar Ronde

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    1. Bought it @ Gall en Gall, the biggest drinks retailer in the Netherlands. It was fresh on the shelves, handwritten pricetag

  2. Thanks! The price is interesting as the whisky is sold for 50£ in the UK.

  3. Notmal retailprice is €44,95, but with the discount card (at €10 a year) you get 10% off each bottle of whisky you buy. Still €44,95 is still a lot cheaper than the 50£. Can partly be explained due to the difference in tax: UK has the double amount compared the Netherlands, that's around €8 a bottle.