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International Whisky Festival in The Hague, Netherlands, 15-17 November 2013

The International Whisky Festival in The Hague is the largest indoor whiskyevent in the Benelux. Venue is the Grand Church in the center of The Hague.
The Hague is a somewhat awkward city: it is the place where the Dutch Parliament resides, along with the Ministries, the King and Queen live there, but it's not the capital of the Netherlands.
As we did for previous editions we made a videoreport. Most of the scenes were shot on the Friday afternoon, which is a special VIP session, with less people around.
Other scenes were taken on the Sunday afternoon, That's the day that you can encounter most whisky specialized retailers.

The festival had numerous masterclasses for beginners as well as for the more experienced connoisseur. In the videoreport you can see an impression of the masterclass by Whiskybase, a company based in Rotterdam, with a virtual and a real life shop.

Dutch Whisky Awards 2013
During the festival, the Dutch Whisky Awards 2013 were presented.
These were the winners:
Best peated single malt Scotch: Laphroaig Triple Wood
Best unpeated single malt Scotch: The Balvenie 14 years old Caribbean Cask
Best Blended Whisky: The Naked Grouse
Best non Scotch whisky: King Car Whisky

Whisky Master of the Year Competition
Another competition is the Dutch Whisky Master of the year.
Victory went to Matthijs Hakfoort, for the highest score on the theory questions, but most of all because of a full score on the blind tasting test. Well done Matthijs!
With his first place he won a trip to the Orkney Islands with a trip to Highland Park included. One can only be jealous.

Whisky documentary
Then there is Gwen Jansen, a filmmaker who is currently preparing for a documentary on the whisky scene in the Netherlands. She is raising money through crowdfunding. By the end of December she will decide on the go/no go, but things are looking well. You can find more info on her website

Festival bottlings
This year's festival bottling were two peated cask strength Arran's, from two seperate casks. We didn't taste it yet, but hopefully we will in the near future. We got some very positive comments from others.

Meanwhile, the date for the 2014 edition is already set: 14-16 November, Grand Church The Hague. Tickets are on sale already. Hope te see you there. For more info check out the website:

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