donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Visiting Searcys Champagne Bar London

Whenever you go to London by train, which more and more people tend to do and you have a little time left, it is worth while to pay a visit to Searcys Champagne bar at St Pancras train station.
Champagne bar? Yes it is called that way, loads of that stuff to be found, however, the bar also holds a nice selection of (single malt) whisky.
To get to the bar, you take the staircase up right in the middle of the hall.
In the cabinet you will find a nice selection of bottles, the price is not too bad, at least not to London standards. And they serve a decent dram.

The whiskies are divided into regions which help you choose, allthough these days region is not a definition for taste anymore, take for example a peated Benriach and a non-peated Bunnahabhain.

We chose a dram from one of our favorite and relatively unknown distilleries, Mannochmore 1990, bottled by Gordon and Macphail, the independent bottler with probably the largest stock of great quality casks in Scotland.

The bottle had been opened a while ago, which usually does not add up to the taste.
Still the typical style and character of Mannochmore was noticeable: fruity (lemon), zesty, oily. It's really a pity this distillery doesn't get bottled as a single malt more often. We only have 20 bottles of Mannochmore in our collection..
If you ever get your hands on the James MacArthur's single cask 1990, buy it. Fantastic malt, add a bit of water and you'll enjoy it even more.
Anyway, back to Searcys. As we said, a nice place to start your visit to London.
Of course when you are departing from London eg to Brussels, it's a great place too.
More information can be found on their website

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